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  1. Hey - for those that ever run into this situation, I've figured out a really simple stupid fix. I am an idiot for not thinking of it before. Here's what you do: Create a dummy copy of the object you are wanting to transform and make sure it's at the top of the display list of the parent your other object is shared with - but make the dummy object transparent. Then, instead of applying the TM to the real object, only apply it to the dummy object on top and create an ENTER_FRAME listener that basically copies the x, y, scaleX, scaleY, and rotation values of the dummy object to the actual object you are wanting to transform. And there you go! Now you can do whatever masking magic you want without having to worry about mouse events getting blocked! Good times!
  2. Rats - I was hoping for an easier solution. Thanks for the quick ideas!
  3. I have a simple TM applied to a display object that has a mask applied to it (both are inside the same parent). The area of the mask is very small compared to the actual display object that is being TM'd. While I can see the handles through to the top, I can only click and drag if I select within the area of the mask. I am able to grab the handles on the edge for scale and rotation, but a drag move can only be done if I select inside the mask. I have told TM to ignore the mask and I have also set the mouseEnabled property of the mask object to false. Any other ideas as to how I can enable click and drag anywhere within the handle region that's visible - ignoring the mask? Thanks!