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  1. Hi Spiv, thanks for the quick response. I just checked the os version on the test machine, it's 10.6.8, I'm doing an update to see if the os is an issue. Firefox is up to date with 10.6.8, but there may be an update with the more current os. So, I'll report back when that happens. There is a counter in the top left of the test site. At about 1700 while the animation is going through the door the door looks as though it is off it's hinges and than when you get to 3895 the animation is meant to continue from there and go across the neighbor hood (you may be seeing this perfectly) and what happens is it keeps looping and jumping back, it does it like 8 times before it is supposed to zoom back out of the door at about 9200. Between 9200 and 11170 the town is in a real weird place and things are just crazy broken. I know this response is a little all over the place, and if you are not seeing this, it may be hard for you to help, but a lot is broke. Thanks again, I'll update when the os is updated.
  2. We have created a pretty crazy scrolling animation (link below). As you scroll it triggers zooms, opacity changes and movements, and the animation is pinned, so it responds quite differently than most scrolling websites that use a parralax visually. It seems to be testing really well across most platforms, but seems to run into some big issues in firefox exclusively for a macbook. Firefox works perfectly on pc laptops, desktops, and mac desktops. I am thinking it may have something to do with the trackpad, but still can not identify the issue. Any thoughts? Appreciate it in advance! www.housingopensdoors.ca/DEV_merged