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  1. I managed to get it working in the end, I just done it all in one timeline and added two nested timelines, one for the colour.. one for the width, and thanks to your post, didn't have any more trouble beyond that. A special thanks to everyone who helped, my sanity has restored itself ; )
  2. Thanks Rodrigo, This seemed to do the trick, however.. now when I pause the timeline, the longer tween continues to animate. Any idea why?
  3. mandark

    Tween Align

    You guys are Amazing, I really appreciate the help and love the thought of having TweenMax revolutionize the Web. Any chance of an IRC channel available or being setup so the community can bounce idea's / problems and solutions around a bit more freely?
  4. simpler explanation http://forums.greensock.com/topic/7471-problem-need-to-alter-tweenmax-element-after-its-been-paused/
  5. THIS THING IS DRIVING ME MAD .. PLEASE HELP ! var w = 25; var timeline = new TimelineMax(); var mc1 = new TweenMax(); var mc2 = new TweenMax(); timeline.add( [ mc1.to($('#selector'), 10, {backgroundColor:'red'}), mc2.to($('#selector'), 2.5,{width: w+"%", onComplete: function(){ timeline.pause() }}) ],0,0); // so currently the animation pauses at 2.5 secs instead of 10 // how do i alter mc2's tween now that it has finished, with it staying in the same timeline // I tried this .. (it doesnt work) timeline.append( mc2.updateTo($('#selector'), 5, { width: "50%", onComplete: function(){ timeline.pause()} }, false) );
  6. var tm = new TimelineMax(); var bgTween = new TweenMax(); var barWidthTween = new TweenMax(); var groupCount = 4; var clickCount = 0; var animationTime = 5; // seconds var targetSelector = '#statusBar'; var splitTime = animationTime / groupCount; //1.25 second jQuery('#target').click(function(){ clickCount++; // this will basically eval to 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% var animWidth = ((100/groupCount)*clickCount); switch( clickCount ){ case 1: tm.add([ bgTween.to(jQuery(targetSelector),animationTime ,{backgroundColor:'#454545', onComplete: resetCSS}), barWidthTween.to(jQuery(targetSelector),splitTime ,{width:animWidth+"%", onComplete: pauseAnimation}) ],0,0); break; default: // presumes first click/case has already been met (this is the part thats not working) tm.append( barWidthTween.to(jQuery(targetSelector), splitTime,{width:animWidth+"%", onComplete: pauseAnimation}) ); break; } }); Note: var "barWidthTween" has a callback after the 1.25 second execution to pause the whole timeline before the var "bgTween" has finished. [ it should still have another 3.75 sec's left ] "WHAT IM TRYING TO ACHIEVE" A colour bar that changes colour over a 5 second period, while that same bar increases in size on every click. "hense the need for the pause every 1.25 seconds" I need to be able to reverse this motion also which is why im not using multiple TimelineMax instances. I hope I've made my problem clear and if not, i'll try and add some clarity.
  7. mandark

    Tween Align

    Thanks "carl schooff" & "jamiejefferson", Problem Solved.
  8. mandark

    Tween Align

    I'm aware that TweenAlign.START requires a plugin etc.. but i've only seen material resolving the issue for (AS*). Where can I find the plugin to allow TimelineMax.insertMultiple to accept TweenAlign.START as an argument?