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  1. THAT. IS. AWESOME. I'll spend some time with this and let you know! I was using Perlin noise in the interim to generate the randomness on TweenLite.tick, but I'm not entirely convinced it's the most efficient/best-looking method: http://codepen.io/hellonicolas/pen/rvuDo Thanks so much!
  2. Hi everyone! Let me start by saying GSAP is awesome. I was wondering if anyone had ported the RoughEase library from AS to JS, or something similar to that? I'm working on a project where I need to randomly affect elements over time (smoothly), and I think RoughEase would be amazing for the job. More specifically, I'm trying to replicate some old film effects – grain, shifting picture, flickering bulb, etc. My current solution is to start a tween for a random duration/value, then delay the next tween by a random amount, and have that process loop, effectively creating a sort of randomness to the flicker. I suppose it works, but it doesn't look great yet and doesn't feel as elegant as the RoughEease soltuion. Thanks in advance!