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  1. Still has the same problem. I'm setting top to "inherit" after the animation is complete as a fix for this. Thanks
  2. Hi, The firefox fix in the current code that addresses a bug in transform could be improved. It changes the top value but if I have an element positioned with bottom it breaks my layout. One fix could be just checking if bottom is set and change the bottom value instead. Code I'm refering to: if (_isFirefox) { //Firefox has a bug that causes transformed elements to randomly disappear during (or after) animation unless a repaint is forced. One way to do this is change "top" by 0.05 which is imperceptible, so we alternate back and forth. Another way is to change the display to "none", read the clientTop, and then revert the display but that is much slower. The bug is present in at least Firefox 17 and 18 top = _getStyle(targ, "top", null, false, "0"); n = parseFloat(top) || 0; sfx = top.substr((n + "").length); t._ffFix = !t._ffFix; targ.style.top = (t._ffFix ? n + 0.05 : n - 0.05) + ((sfx === "") ? "px" : sfx); } Thanks