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  1. split19's post in onstart "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error was marked as the answer   
    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it. i changed the library URL to the 1.19.1 URL and it works.
    when the globe stops on a region, i'm dropping some markers on some cities (not shown in my pen). so since i need to do clearMarkers() at the start of every tweenFromTo() when the globe starts animating again, i added this after each tween, to simulate onStart:
    autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75");  seems to be a good workaround for now:
    autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region1", "region2", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, onComplete: dropMarkers, onCompleteParams: [markers_region2_mc] }).duration(0.75)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region2", "region3", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, onComplete: dropMarkers, onCompleteParams: [markers_region3_mc], delay: 2}).duration(0.75)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region3", "region4", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, delay: 2}).duration(0.75)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region4", "region1b", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, delay: 2, onComplete: function () { window.tl.seek("region1"); console.log("reset"); } }).duration(2)); autoplay_tl.add(clearMarkers, "-=0.75"); autoplay_tl.add(window.tl.tweenFromTo("region1", "region2", { ease: Power1.easeInOut, delay: 2 }).duration(0.75)); Jack - a related question: when you release v 1.19.1, will it get updated on Google's CDN, listed here? my code is part of a banner that will be served by DoubleClick.
    thank you!