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Shaun Gorneau last won the day on March 3

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Shaun Gorneau last won the day on March 3

Shaun Gorneau had the most liked content!

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  1. Hi @marko krstic, Depending on what it is you want to do, you might want to use simple tweens rather than timelines. Timelines *can* be tougher to control in this type of situation because once they play ... they're done. I say *can* because, depending on other factors, they may be just what you're looking for! Just need more info about what you'd like to accomplish. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/mdbOdqr
  2. Hi @jiggy1965, Have a look at labels and tweenTo There are a few ways to add labels to the timeline ... with add(), addLabel(), and right on the tween itself (to(), from(), staggerTo(), etc.) https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/LYPZgQv Happy tweening!
  3. This is certainly weird! My guess is that it's simply not tweening to the end value in the short timeframe (set() is essentially a 0 second tween). Have a look here to see how the short duration to() tweens are rather inconsistent with end values upon rerunning the pen. Specifically how d2 is never the end value, d2a is somewhere in the middle, and d2b is sometimes full red, sometimes not. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/YzKWQGG
  4. Might want to check someone’s history, skill set, and experience before you accuse them of trolling.
  5. Happy to have helped in some way!
  6. Hi @alguna, It's a namespace issue. Putting that Timelines in the window namespace will help you dynamically address them. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/ZEzQXem?editors=1111 EDIT: 30 minutes in and I'm already falling over other answers 🤣 What @ZachSaucier said!
  7. Yup, perfectly functional in CodePen (by the way, use the Settings in CodePen to inject <head> stuff) https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/dybGVGy Try loading only TweenMax (remove the <script> calling in TimelineMax.min.js)
  8. Have you tried to create said animations in CodePen? Having us see a simplified example with markup and CSS will help us help you.
  9. Hi @superasn, The reason for the stutter in the plane movement is that it's jumping a set number of pixels rather than tweening a set distance over a set time. Have a look here to see one way to tackle this and to allow everything to smoothly get into position. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/YbggBm?editors=0110
  10. Hi @andystent, There's a lot going on in your pen .. and a lot of duplication of work which could be greatly simplified. That said ... consolidating everything (kind of as is) into single calls will make one button press control two sets of tweens. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/mYwOdP?editors=0110 But, you should look at refactoring your code to get rid of unnecessary complexities.
  11. Hi @Tejaxx7, Here is a Pen I put together demonstrating the seconds (ones/tens independently) to achieve the analog rolling effect. You could use the same techniques to bring the minutes and hours into play. If you need to present a specific time before tweening, you could get all time values individually and set the progress() of each respective timeline. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/qGaxdV?editors=1111 Edit: I left overflow visible in the pen so you can see what's going on. You can change that in the CSS to get your final effect. Happy tweening!
  12. Who is claiming that Cloudflare *isn't* GDPR compliant and in what way are they failing? https://www.cloudflare.com/gdpr/introduction/
  13. HI @JonQuayle, A couple problems ... in some places you are using what look likes jQuery syntax, but jQuery is nowhere to be found. With calling in jQuery and modifying a few things to make use of it ... you should be good. https://codepen.io/sgorneau/pen/bypvpa Also, there was an extra parameter being passed in your .to calls ... I stripped that out. .to uses .to( target:Object, duration:Number, vars:Object, position:* ) : * You were passing .to( target, duration, vars, position, somethingElse)
  14. LOL ... I'm usually the passenger in that car! 🤦‍♂️🤣