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  1. I have found a solution (or rather a workaround). It is using CSSRule plugin


    var rule = CSSRulePlugin.getRule("p");
    var ruleTxt = rule.cssText.replace("; ", ",").replace(";", "");
    var properties = ruleTxt.split(',');
    var obj = {};
    properties.forEach(function (property) {
        var tup = property.split(': ');
        obj[tup[0]] = tup[1];
    document.getElementById('button').addEventListener("click", function () {
        TweenMax.to("#parent", 1, {
            className: "-=alert",
            onComplete: cleanUp
        TweenMax.to($("#parent p"), 1, obj)
    function cleanUp() {
        //removes ALL inline styling
        $("#parent p").attr("style", "");



    Working sample here: http://jsfiddle.net/ESS4c/1/ Can it be done smarter/prettier? Also, if the content of the parent element is complex this solution would produce quite long code...

  2. Hi,


    I am wondering if it's possible to tween children elements just by setting class name of a parent element.

    Just in case the question is not clear I have prepared a JSFiddle to illustrate the problem:




    The goal is to have paragraph text nicely animated between both states. Is that possible?