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  1. Yes, I thought about display/position - I tried inline, inline-block and block with no effect. It's also worth noting that they were position: absolute too and setting position to relative, had no effect either, although I didn't try without position...
  2. Thanks for quick response - much appreciated. Yes, it's a bit perplexing. The page it's happening on is quite complex, with data being pulled in from MySQL and lots of other bits happening too. I'm going to try and extract the bit that's now going wrong and make it a standalone file - it may take a while... Just-in-case it's important, I'm using Macs (10.8.3 & 10.6.8) and virtual copies of Windows (XP & 8) and I'm seeing the problem on FF19.x in OSX and Windows. I'll let you know if I can extract everything... Edited to add: Interestingly, changing css:{ rotation:-90, transformOrigin:"57px 0px" } to css:{ left: 0 } makes the elements slide into position and they do not disappear. (the elements, which are <a> tags, start out with left set to -40px). Edited to add: Ah! I seem to have solved the problem by wrapping each anchor tag in it's own div tag and rotating the div instead of the anchor. I've half an idea that I read something somewhere about enclosing anchors in divs when trying to rotate them - but I can't for the life of me remember where! I wonder what changed in FF19? Anyway, thanks v. much Jack for your offer of help. Kind regards, Dale
  3. Hello. Firstly, I have to say thanks for a great package - I've been using it in Flash for quite a while and am now using the JS version. My problem is that in FF19.x, elements that I've rotated with the following line disappear once the rotation is complete: TweenMax.to(vObjString, 0.6, { css:{ rotation:-90, transformOrigin:"57px 0px" }, ease:Bounce.easeOut, onStart: mPlaySound, onStartParams: ['flag_lift'] }); vObjString is a string list of elements e.g. "a#game_flag_1, a#game_flag_2". Intermittantly they re-appear, some seconds later, but mostly they stay hidden until I use Firebug to toggle a css property eg. overflow:hidden on the containing div. Removing overflow: hidden from the CSS rule and refreshing the page has no effect - they still disappear after rotating - other than showing the previously hidden overflow (!). Everything works properly in Safari, Chrome, IE9 & 10 and it used to work in FF18 and below. I realise that this is most likely something that MOZ have changed in FF19, but I wondered if anyone else has had any similar problems, or has any ideas on a work-around? Thanks v. much. Dale