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  1. It's actually extremely easy. Just import the dart:js library, and then you would call greensock like this: context['TweenMax'].callMethod("to",["#myDiv", 0.15, new JsObject.jsify({x:100})]);
  2. Hi I'm wondering if this already exist in TweenMax, or if not, if it's possible to request for a feature here. Sometimes when working on something, you might want to have an update loop temporarily (say mousedown, until mouse up). The way to do that in JS would be to create a request animation frame, and then kill it later etc etc. However since TweenMax is already running one in the background, I was wondering if it was possible to hook into it somehow. Taking advantage of the nice, remove / pause features TweenMax provides I imagine something like, (or whatever you guys see fit!) var updateReference = TweenMax.onEnterFrame(scope, myFunction); updateReference.pause(); updateReference.resume(); updateReference.remove();
  3. I'm attempting to tween a div to a relative position, however it seems to no longer be working using the same syntax that previously used to work. TweenMax.to( div, duration, { delay: delay, ease: Cubic.easeInOut, x: "100"}); Any ideas?
  4. When tweening a CSS property, once the tween is complete it seems the property is removed. How can I make the CSS property that was tweened persist?