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  1. p.s. you can see all the code within that index.php file I put on pastebin, Really hopeing someone can help me finally sort it out!
  2. Thank you guys, I posted it on the github page as well... I just dont get it, I've tried everything, and it just wont work as intended! You can see my progress on www.vertexwebcartel.co.za and here is my index.php page http://pastebin.com/Si8h4hR9 (Dont know how else to give it besides pastebin). The animation of line 169 works as I want, but the parralax at 162 doesnt, neither does 175. I dont know if it is a error in my syntax, or if I am missing something, but its been several days and I just cant get it working! If anyone can put me in the right direction, or point out where the
  3. Im using superscrollorama on one part of my website, that works fine, but I want to implement a different animation further down, but it just wont work! Please have a look, NB it is still early in developement, so try not be too harsh The About us/Testimonials works fine, but it wont work on Services/Portfolio. I replicated the About us code exactly, but it still wont work! Here is the site http://vertex3.vertexwebdesign.co.za/ And here is my code http://pastebin.com/e4Ax5d0F please guys, going mad! Javascript isnt my forte, but trying my best here!