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  1. p.s. you can see all the code within that index.php file I put on pastebin, Really hopeing someone can help me finally sort it out!
  2. Thank you guys, I posted it on the github page as well... I just dont get it, I've tried everything, and it just wont work as intended! You can see my progress on www.vertexwebcartel.co.za and here is my index.php page http://pastebin.com/Si8h4hR9 (Dont know how else to give it besides pastebin). The animation of line 169 works as I want, but the parralax at 162 doesnt, neither does 175. I dont know if it is a error in my syntax, or if I am missing something, but its been several days and I just cant get it working! If anyone can put me in the right direction, or point out where the fault is, I will be eternally grateful!!!
  3. Im using superscrollorama on one part of my website, that works fine, but I want to implement a different animation further down, but it just wont work! Please have a look, NB it is still early in developement, so try not be too harsh The About us/Testimonials works fine, but it wont work on Services/Portfolio. I replicated the About us code exactly, but it still wont work! Here is the site http://vertex3.vertexwebdesign.co.za/ And here is my code http://pastebin.com/e4Ax5d0F please guys, going mad! Javascript isnt my forte, but trying my best here!