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  1. Hi Carl, It's me again. I have been coding an animation using GSAP recently and I came across a case that works fine in Chrome and Firefox but act strangely in IE including IE11. I eventually found a workaround but I thought maybe it would be something that the GSAP team want to take a look into. The problem appears when we have a <div /> with "height:XXpx" and "padding:XXpx 0" and we only want to animate this <div />'s padding to a different size. The truth is that the height doesn't change in the animation at all but... The problem: If we provide only the target padding, a
  2. Well, that is awesome. It is so beautifully structured. And thanks for the super fast reply. You people rock. Keep the great work going.
  3. Thank you so much for your replies Carl and PointC, I had newer thought that I hadn't gotten the timing positions in GSAP tools. With the comments from Carl and the suggestion from PointC, now I have understood the timing positioning better and gotten the code working as expected. Here is the updated demo for anyone curious about how I wanted it to look like: http://codepen.io/Sojaner/pen/eZyRzQ?editors=0010
  4. Hi everyone, This is my first post here. First I want to say thank you to the people who provided these absolutely amazing animating tools for web which make the web a more fun place to code for. Then I think I have found a bug in the animation flow which at least exists in TimelineMax but I am suspecting the source to be in the TweenLite as to my understanding is the origin for all the animations. The problem: When I make a TimelineMax object and add TweenMax.to() animations to it, if the animation is done only on standard HTML elements things will work flawlessly, but as it