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  1. I enjoy using Greensock and CSS3 but have had problems integrating Parent and Child Div Opacity. I ran into this script (thatsNotYoChild.js link below) and was wondering the best course for integration of the scripts together if you had a moment to review them that would be awesome. thatsNotYoChild.js Link: http://www.impressivewebs.com/fixing-parent-child-opacity/ My UI structure is based in the world of the WordPress CMS to which I add Greensock and JQuery. Building a UI with transparent Parent Divs and wanting non transparent Child Divs to be inside is the final goal : Layering Legible Copy and non transparent images correctly on top of Parent transparent Divs in a visual UI experience. I'm not sure what the best course for action would be I am in love with Greensock and would love to use a Greensock solution instead of the extra javascript. Thanks for your time in advance, Trey