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    GSAP vs CSS

    Hi everyone, I wanted to reply this post -> http://greensock.com/css-performance But I don't know why I can't leave a message, even if I'm logged in... So I'll share my opinion here I'm working on a game webapp (HTML5/CSS/JS), running on desktop browsers, smartphone, tablet and also into a native IOS app (webview) built with Cordova. In this webapp, like in every games, there is of course transitions between pages, popup and dialog apparition, drag and drop functions, etc... there is also transitions/animations on elements such as div, svg, png from the DOM during the game. Du
  2. Nice! Thank you Jack, you and your team did an amazing work Bravo!
  3. Thank you Jonathan. You right, I tried, your solution could do the trick If there is no other way to check the state of a draggable div, I will do like this. Have a good day!
  4. Hello, I am using your amazing Draggable classes to drag and drop divs and I'm looking for a way to detect if a draggable object is enabled or not... This is my list of draggables divs: var DraggableList = Draggable.create(myDivsArray, { type:"xy"}); After some user actions, I need to disable divs, so I use: DraggableList[divIndex].disable(); But how can I check if a div is enabled or not? // Something like that for example: if(DraggableList[divIndex].enabled){ // this div is enabled for the drag... }else{ // this div is NOT enabled for the drag... } I checked the Drag
  5. Thanks for your answer Carl. I will do it like you said.
  6. Hello, I created a FLA file few years ago using your v11 release. Last week I downloaded your v12 release and started new projects. But I got a problem when I reopened and reexported my old FLA file (built with v11). Some stuff are broken during the animation, maybe because of the "overwrite:" parameter set to "true" or "false" but I'm not sure... So I need : - to use the v11 release for my old project (because I can't fix all bugs in it). - to use the v12 release for my new project. In all my FLA files (old and new), I import your greensock classes from a unique folder "AS3-clas
  7. Thank you Jack, You are right, it's exactly what it's supposed to do Of course, I thought about your solution and for this particular case I can do it this way. But I would find another system because since I use your tweenMax Classes I took the habits to use a lot of delayedCall for big animations with lot of tweenMax... For example, imagine I have to play a sound at 3 seconds inside my timeline. So I need to call a function at 3 seconds. If I set the start time of my timeline a 5, does the sound will be played immediately? Which code would you use for this case? PS : tha
  8. Hello, I'm using the TimelineMax ans it works great. But I have a problem with something. I want to use a delayedCall function. In this function, I have other tweenMax. Something like this : var tl:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax(); tl.insert(TweenMax.to(camion, 8,{x:700, ease:Linear.easeNone})); tl.insert(TweenMax.to(nuage, 20,{x:"-100", ease:Linear.easeNone})); tl.insert(TweenMax.delayedCall(3,enleverTexte)); // function enleverTexte() { TweenMax.to(txt1, 0.7,{y:"-40", alpha:0, ease:Quint.easeIn}); TweenMax.to(txt2, 0.7,{y:"-40", alpha:0, ease:Quint.easeIn, delay:0.2}); } Now, I want t
  9. Hello, I have a problem with TweenMax.killAll(). I have 2 swf. swf_parent and swf_child. I load swf_child in swf_parent. I have a function in my swf_child killing all tweens (delayed, tweens, etc). It works great. But the problem is that kill also the tweens of the swf_parent. And I don't want to do that. Can I launch a function in my swf_child killing only his own tweens but not the tweens of his parent ? Thank you !