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  1. That makes sense. The documentation doesn't really clear up what frames refer to when used on a Tween instance outside of a Timeline, leaving me with a couple questions. Is each frame then referring to a requestAnimationFrame callback? Will the timeScale property still work? While I haven't the moment to play with your demo, if exportRoot() requires extra code to tell it to stop on a scroll start then I'm afraid that is currently unavailable in iOS as, unlike desktop webkit, the onscroll method seems to only fire at the end of a scroll.
  2. Hi, I have an animation that I simply want to pause and then continue whenever JavaScript is hibernating due to a scroll on mobile safari. Unfortunately, GSAP has some sort of algorithm under the hood that adjusts a tween's progress based on elapsed time since last execution (I believe). Is there any way to disable this functionality or perhaps a plugin available that I might have missed in my search that will auto-magically pause all tweens when a scroll is detected?