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  1. Hi - thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a go.
  2. Hi - I have an app working in flash but when I deploy to a device only the first swf loads then unloads and nothing else happens. I'm not sure how to debug what is happening on the device. I am loading several swfs using loadermax - some of the code is below and I will note where it stops working: Grateful for any advice, am currently thinking of starting again without using GS code to see if I'm doing something wrong in there. Thanks. private var swfs:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({onComplete:completeHandler,onProgress:progressHandler,onChildComplete:childCompleteHandler});
  3. Hi Carl, thanks for the suggestions, I haven't had time to check out the sound control as I am having trouble loading onto the device. I'm using an Asus Nexus - everything is working in Flash but when I deploy to the device only the first swf file is playing and then everything stops. Do you have any suggestions on how to debug this? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble with the initial loading of my swf file. - it is visible and audible before it's fully loaded so it shows on stage as though it's paused but the sound is playing. The progress bar is visible on top of the loading swf. How do I make it visible and audible only once it's fully loaded? If I put the following code: event.target.content.visible = false; SoundMixer.soundTransform = new SoundTransform(0); in the progressHandler event the sound and image is hidden but I'm not sure where to restart it once progress equals 1. If I restart it in completeHandler i
  5. I got i working by changing container:movieTwo_mc to container:this
  6. Hi, Any chance someone might know why I can't see my loaded swf files. I can hear the audio and the trace statements says they are loaded, but they are not visible. I'm guessing it has something to do with the container. I'm hoping you can see something obvious in my code. Thanks. public class Main extends MovieClip { private var currentSWFLoader:SWFLoader; private var swf1:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("movie1.swf", {container:movieTwo_mc, autoPlay:false, width:480, height:480, x:300,scaleMode:"proportionalInside",onComplete:completeHandler}); private var swf
  7. Ah - thanks for pointing that out. Also I found where I went wrong in my code and have managed to re-use the loader code correctly - yay! Actually I'm still having problems. I can get a second array of swfs to play by replicating all the code, but then I get this message: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at mainGSsound/trackSWFPlayback() and it breaks. I'm not sure how to fix this? Here is how I have replicated the code (using code listed above). I have been going through other forum posts to see if I can re-use th
  8. Hi again - I tried replacing the code, but have come up with this error: 1119: Access of possibly undefined property width through a reference with static type com.greensock.loading:SWFLoader. Is there a shorthand way to add it in here with x: , y: ?: swfs.append( new SWFLoader(urls, {container:movieTwo_mc, autoPlay:false, width:480, height:480, scaleMode:"proportionalInside"}) ); I've also been trying all day to get a second array of swfs to load. I have tried various things including splicing the array and creating a second swfLoader - but the original array is always there
  9. Hi Carl - thanks for your suggestions. I want to center the ImageLoaders content on the stage. Previously I was using the below code but I'm not sure how to write that for loadermax. loader.x = (stage.stageWidth/2 - loader.width/2); loader.y = (stage.stageHeight/2 - loader.height/2); I'm new to coding and using classes, I've been playing around with them today but can't seem to get a second array to load. I'll keep hunting for more tutorials! cheers, Ashleigh
  10. Hi, I have found the following code to loop through an array of swf's - which works really smoothly (thanks). I would like to re-use this code to load other arrays of swf's. Could I make a separate class so I could re-use the code in a more streamlined way rather than pasting it over and over (any advice how to do this would be great)? Also how can I center the x and y co-ordinates of the loader? Thanks! import com.greensock.*; import com.greensock.loading.*; import com.greensock.events.LoaderEvent; import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.events.Event; import flash.events.Mou
  11. Hi - thanks, yes that did help loop the files, but didn't quite achieve what I wanted, and now I look at the code I realise I'm tackling what I want to do the wrong way, so I'm going back to the drawing board!
  12. Hi - I'm new to using greensock (and actionscript) and am trying to play around with some code I found. It originally loaded several swf files and looped through them continuously - I'm trying to randomize it. I have created an array and added code to shuffle through the array, but I'm stuck trying to integrate it into the looping files. I'm pretty sure I have to do something with the loaderIndex, but I'm not sure what. Any help would be great - thanks. Code: progress_mc.scaleX = 0; var loaderIndex:Number = -1; var currentLoader:SWFLoader; var urls:Array = ["SWF0.swf","SWF1.swf