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  1. Thanks Guys, for your efforts to make things clear to me. But Now I am confused. So, let me try some more practice and research for this issue. Have a Good day!
  2. Hi, Thanks again! Your knowledge delivering is really good enough to make us clear and to have a better understanding about the topic. Well, I am a newbie for using yepnope.js. I would be grateful if you can suggest how should I indicate files for CSS3 3D Transforms to be run in your "Modernizr Fallback Test.zip" code. So I can look how it will work successfully in IE for me. Hope to hear you again. Regards!
  3. Hi, Thanks a lot you replied my query! I followed your suggestions but unfortunately still it is not working in IE9. And I tried to run your test code as well. But no luck. I got following message in IE9 "This Browser DOES NOT SUPPORT CSS 3D Transforms. BUMMER :_(" Anyways thanks!
  4. Hi Rodrigo, Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I need more information about Modernizr.csstransforms3d as it is not supported by IE 9. Any help here would be really thankful and appreciable.