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  1. Thanks everyone who helped me figure it out! Much appreciated.
  2. I changed my codepen to pin the '#wrapper', no luck yet. The 2nd animation still fires off much earlier than it should.
  3. First thanks for this awesome plugin. It's really good. I have a page with a ScrollTrigger controlling a timeline animation, and it's pinned so it's adding pinSpacing to the page. Further down the page are other animations that get triggered as soon as they enter the viewport. However the pinned Scrolltrigger is adding extra height to the page but the subsequent Scrolltriggers are not taking that into account and are firing off way before they should. Any ideas? In the codepen I've put some comments, you can disable the first ScrollTrigger in order to see how the second
  4. Thanks a million, GreenSock! Here's the link, working: http://mikewatt.info/dev/html5_tests/wheel2/ Perfect. Thanks. mikebikeboy
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here so thanks in advance for any communal help I receive. I have a canvas element I'm rotating onMouseMove. Here's the example: http://mikewatt.info/dev/html5_tests/wheel/wheel.html My problem is that 'shortRotation' is not working. Right now I'm using simply 'rotation' because it's working and illustrates the problem area I'm having. If you click the mouse down and drag over the horizontal middle of the circle on the right hemisphere, you'll see the wheel jump 360 degrees to come back to where your mouse is. That's where I need 'shortRotation' but it's not