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  1. For me, this works pretty fine: https://gist.github.com/adriancmiranda/a1f50a27dc98f8e2ce55
  2. I'm having trouble in a project in which there's a file queue on a LoaderMax instance, and every time the user clicks in another menu area I'd have to imediatly stop all the loaders in this queue, except one, which would be used in the area the user clicked. I've tried calling `prioritize' giving said item as parameter, but it seems LoaderMax is finishing the current download before starting the prioritized item. Is that possible? By the way, I've tried every possible method (i.e. cancel, unload, pause, dispose), and in every attempt the current downloading file finished loading. P.S.: Simulating a low connection (1MB) on Charles and, using video with this sample: http://www.greensock.com/as/LoaderMax_Demo_Source.zip The download persists with two or more connections.