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  1. VERSION: beta 1.8.4 DATE: 2013-02-13 The one from the jquery plugin page (but I don't use the plugin)
  2. Hello, I've found a weird problem with gsap. Basically I have a page similar to: <div id="viewport" style="overflow:hidden;"> <div id="scroller" style="width:9000px;"> <ul id="list"><li style="float:left;"></li><li style="float:left;"></li> ... </ul> </div> </div> I have some code that calculates a number and the lists margin-left css property should change accordingly, so something like: TweenLite.to("#list", 0.3, {marginLeft:'+='+$scroll+'px'}); Where $scroll is calculated, and can sometimes be negative. However, when it's negative gsap seems to multiplies the value by 10... So when the $scroll value is -660, the margin left adjusts -6600. I currently do a check and if it's negative I use '-=' and the absolute value.