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  1. Aha!!! solved it... it is a problem with flash so I solved it not using the width and height but tweening the Z axis
  2. Im trying to rotate a square in Y axis and at the same time scale it up so it ends up covering almost all the screen, when I only use the Y rotation it works perfect, when I use just the scale works great, buen when they are combined, the square deforms and the image flicks... Am I doing something wrong? here is the code: TweenLite.to(cuadroAzul, 1, {rotationY:-180, width:862.10, height:518.4, onComplete:goHandler, ease:Strong.easeIn}); I believe it's a problem in Flash's 3D environment because if I try to make the tween in timeline it behaves crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated