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  1. Thanks for the answer, and good to here that you are on top of it - as always
  2. Question: Will the new will-change property have any effect/changes on GSAP? Or is this something the library handles already and will only affect CSS animations? Everything You Need to Know About the CSS will-change Property http://dev.opera.com/articles/css-will-change-property/
  3. robbue

    Circular motion

    Great stuff guys, as always Went for the Bezier-version, because I don't like extra DOM element: http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/lIkof Have to read more on bezier paths, can't really wrap my head around it yet
  4. robbue

    Circular motion

    I'm trying to replicate this CSS pen with GSAP: http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/orLhG/ Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks jamiejefferson The class was a CSS animation, but I'm now animating it with GSAP and it works fine. Also experienced some cracks at some resolutions, fixed it with a width: 101% hack and some other stuff. Updated the post with image for future reference.
  6. I'm making this thing: http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/645dff0dd2be4811590671525e340493 But I'm having some problems with the tweens not being completed, resulting in this (MBP Retina Chrome 34): Why isn't every tween completed? It's stops before reaching a value of 1/0. Is there a better way to do this?
  7. Just want to make a reference to this pen that does exactly what I initially wanted: http://codepen.io/jamiejefferson/pen/lykFn
  8. I'm making a 360° slider, or actually its more like a 160° slider: http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/3012fd643e4724963c00cde7975f09a9 It's supposed to animate back to head-on-image on dragend (hammer.js is used for gestures), not only snap. How could I fix this? I would like some feedback to make it better because it isn't 100% smooth, and is this something Draggable & ThrowPropsPlugin could be used to, if so, how? Would be cool to have it draggable freely around with bounds limit. Why dont I use a plugin like 360slider? Where is the fun in that? On a more serious note - I may be falling back to a plugin (do you know of any good ones?), but it would be nice to use the power of GSAP to make it. Why seperate images and not a sprite? Because the final code will have a lot more frames and mobile devices doesn't support to big images.
  9. Perfecto! This is what I was looking for: onCompleteParams: ["{self}"],
  10. When a staggerTo is complete for a object, I want to do something with that object. Something like this: onComplete: function(obj) { obj.removeClass('blue'); } This works, but I'm removing the class on every box on every complete. I only want to remove the class on the object that finished: http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/178473f51886095f8541a1ce37f446ee This does the trick, but is it possible to do it with staggerTo? http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/43750f400ad119d1fa107843900c736e
  11. http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/b4b4f3dbcaca0ae6f8a6f97bfa5ac562 invalid onCompleteAll tween value: function allComplete() { console.log('all complete'); } I want a function to run when all the tweens is finished. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Must have been something else wrong in my original timeline setup (not the pen), because as you're saying: it works. And I didn't know CodePen was broken in IE8. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  13. Yes, I know - IE8 is terrible, but clients... Having a problem in IE8 with staggerTo and staggerToFrom: http://codepen.io/robbue/pen/ec43f0a3af5eff198df7f0bdd72edd1e Also having a problem with child elements. Dosent work: .to('#nav li', 2, { opacity: 0 }); This works: .to('#nav', 2, { opacity: 0 }); Version: 1.9.8 (jQuery is also included)
  14. robbue

    Bug in IE8

    No need, I just added it in CSS