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  1. Hi, Thanks a lot for your help! The Overwrite property seems to work! Great! Chantal
  2. Hi, I tried to reproduce my problem in the codepen. I have multiple timeline and one timeline (a lever represents by the green square) have to go up and down when the user click on the state (Click 1, 2 and 3). The problem is when the user click quickly the tweenTo seems to have to finish before doing the other tweenTo. How can I stop it now and do the other? Thanks for your help! Chantal
  3. Hi, I tried both but still have the artifact, so, I changed the animation for just a fade in-out cause it was just an update for iOS 8.
  4. Hi, Do you know a solution for this bug? I've attached an image cause i can't reproduce the bug in a Codepen. This happen when I scale the image and just on iOS8, here's my line for this: TweenMax.to($("#E3"), 1, {scale: 1, left: "145px", top:"200px", width: "744px", ease: Back.easeOut, zIndex:4, onComplete:onAddLoupe3});" Thanks for your help! Chantal
  5. Chantal

    Scale in IE8

    Hi, Codepen don't work on IE8 that's why I created an example on our server. The issue is: the scale of the div "containerIE" doesn't scale on IE8. But if you say that the scale will be too poor I can search for another solution. Thanks!
  6. Chantal

    Scale in IE8

    Hi! I want to scale all the elements in a div only in IE8 to fit if the resolution is in 1024px x 768px. My code did what I want on Chrome but nothing in IE8, except if I scale the primaryContainer but with a lag unacceptable. I prepared a page for you to see what I have: http://inceptusmedia.ca/ils4/ils_player/ct/scalegs/index.html If somebody can tell me if this seems doable please. Thanks! Chantal
  7. Hi, The dragResistance is not helping me . Do you think in a near future the scaled container can be supported? Thanks for your help! Chantal
  8. Hi! I've made a small example to demonstrate my problem. If you click on the grey square a scale is done after try to drag the square. The draggable object doesn't respond to the drag correctly. http://codepen.io/anon/pen/Arnly Can you help me with this please? Thanks! Chantal
  9. Thanks! I tried to reduce the code in codepen and found the conflict with another click. Chantal
  10. Hi, I downloaded the version 1.11 r6 of TweenMax and Draggable and I try to do a simple drag but my object stick on the mouse it didn't release. Can you help me? Thanks! Chantal