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  1. Problem solved! I had a bad approach for the calcul of the x snap position. I did some logs with the Greensock example codepen and i see where i was wrong. Sorry for the trouble
  2. Hello! I have a little problem with Draggable Plugin and the snap option. draggable = Draggable.create(__that.$slideshow, {type:"x", edgeResistance:.5, throwProps:true, lockAxis : true, bounds:__that.$bounds , snap: { x: function(_x) { var newX = (_x / __that.totalFlowWidth) * __that.totalFlowWidth; return newX; }, } }); In the above example, totalFlowWidth represents the total width of my container. The problem is that the value are correct but the snap tween is not launched in the return. When i put a number instead of variable newX, it works. When i switch to newX (which return a number value), nothing happens. It's very weird. Need some help. Thx
  3. This is perfect! Thanks Jonathan
  4. Hello at all, Is it possible to have a complete list of all the methods to kill a tween and a timeline with GSAP JS? I've already used killTweensOf(your_element) and it seems that it works. But i want to be sure of that this is the right way Thanks!