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  1. @Rodrigo Hello. Deploying to Digital Ocean - Nuxt3 Here's the log: 2023-05-17T07:50:55.503147582Z [34m╭────────────[34m[30m[44m git repo clone [0m[0m[34m───────────╼[0m 2023-05-17T07:50:55.503178663Z [34m│[0m [34m › fetching app source code[0m 2023-05-17T07:50:55.503183297Z [34m│[0m => Selecting branch "main" 2023-05-17T07:51:01.993249190Z [34m│[0m => Checking out commit "26e0bfea86b62827c75551c876bdec00fa4dcb09" 2023-05-17T07:51:02.218954056Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.224780497Z [34m│[0m [32m ✔ cloned repo to [35m/workspace[0m[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.272253427Z [34m╰────────────────────────────────────────╼[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.272274430Z 2023-05-17T07:51:02.448667553Z [34m › configuring custom build command to be run at the end of the build:[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.452668096Z [34m│[0m yarn build 2023-05-17T07:51:02.452681919Z 2023-05-17T07:51:02.571745737Z [34m╭────────────[34m[30m[44m buildpack detection [0m[0m[34m───────────╼[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.590472165Z [34m│[0m [34m › using Ubuntu 18.04 stack[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985649459Z [34m│[0m Detected the following buildpacks suitable to build your app: 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985676488Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985680773Z [34m│[0m heroku/nodejs-engine v0.5.2 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985688458Z [34m│[0m digitalocean/node v0.3.6 (Node.js) 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985691468Z [34m│[0m digitalocean/procfile v0.0.3 (Procfile) 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985694516Z [34m│[0m digitalocean/custom v0.1.1 (Custom Build Command) 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985697625Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985701067Z [34m│[0m For documentation on the buildpacks used to build your app, please see: 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985703976Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.985706907Z [34m│[0m Node.js v0.3.6 https://do.co/apps-buildpack-node 2023-05-17T07:51:02.988799833Z [34m╰─────────────────────────────────────────────╼[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:02.988817157Z 2023-05-17T07:51:02.992660362Z [34m╭────────────[34m[30m[44m app build [0m[0m[34m───────────╼[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:03.032804917Z [34m│[0m ---> Node.js Buildpack 2023-05-17T07:51:03.035490421Z [34m│[0m ---> Installing toolbox 2023-05-17T07:51:03.036633996Z [34m│[0m ---> - jq 2023-05-17T07:51:03.368852768Z [34m│[0m ---> - yj 2023-05-17T07:51:03.571804183Z [34m│[0m ---> Getting Node version 2023-05-17T07:51:03.577204442Z [34m│[0m ---> Resolving Node version 2023-05-17T07:51:04.557183850Z [34m│[0m ---> Downloading and extracting Node v16.20.0 2023-05-17T07:51:07.253139278Z [34m│[0m ---> Parsing package.json 2023-05-17T07:51:08.485791101Z [34m│[0m ---> Installing yarn@1.22.19 2023-05-17T07:51:09.511364034Z [34m│[0m ---> No file to start server 2023-05-17T07:51:09.511683827Z [34m│[0m ---> either use 'docker run' to start container or add index.js or server.js 2023-05-17T07:51:09.554866861Z [34m│[0m Project contains yarn.lock, using yarn 2023-05-17T07:51:09.567742162Z [34m│[0m Warning: both yarn.lock and package-lock.json were found, using yarn. 2023-05-17T07:51:09.567756677Z [34m│[0m Warning: a .npmrc file was found. yarn does not read .npmrc files, use .yarnrc instead if needed. 2023-05-17T07:51:09.568181886Z [34m│[0m Installing node_modules using yarn (from yarn.lock) 2023-05-17T07:51:11.067302295Z [34m│[0m Running yarn install 2023-05-17T07:51:11.067345918Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:11.300559213Z [34m│[0m yarn install v1.22.19 2023-05-17T07:51:11.404206590Z [34m│[0m warning package-lock.json found. Your project contains lock files generated by tools other than Yarn. It is advised not to mix package managers in order to avoid resolution inconsistencies caused by unsynchronized lock files. To clear this warning, remove package-lock.json. 2023-05-17T07:51:11.408430557Z [34m│[0m [1/4] Resolving packages... 2023-05-17T07:51:12.481358598Z [34m│[0m warning nuxt > @nuxt/webpack > webpack > watchpack > watchpack-chokidar2 > chokidar > fsevents@1.2.13: The v1 package contains DANGEROUS / INSECURE binaries. Upgrade to safe fsevents v2 2023-05-17T07:51:12.795361733Z [34m│[0m [2/4] Fetching packages... 2023-05-17T07:51:13.433340205Z [34m│[0m error An unexpected error occurred: "https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fshockingly/-/shockingly-3.11.5.tgz: Request failed \"403 Forbidden\"". 2023-05-17T07:51:13.433368197Z [34m│[0m info If you think this is a bug, please open a bug report with the information provided in "/workspace/yarn-error.log". 2023-05-17T07:51:13.433762456Z [34m│[0m info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/install for documentation about this command. 2023-05-17T07:51:43.260631681Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:43.260703348Z [34m│[0m unable to invoke layer creator 2023-05-17T07:51:43.260713004Z [34m│[0m installing node_modules: exit status 1 2023-05-17T07:51:43.262534833Z [34m│[0m [31;1mERROR: [0mfailed to build: exit status 1 2023-05-17T07:51:43.447851694Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:43.451631825Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:43.451647511Z [34m│[0m For documentation on the buildpacks used to build your app, please see: 2023-05-17T07:51:43.451651364Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:43.451656887Z [34m│[0m Node.js v0.3.6 https://do.co/apps-buildpack-node 2023-05-17T07:51:43.452934365Z [34m│[0m 2023-05-17T07:51:43.463376963Z [34m│[0m [31m ✘ build failed[0m
  2. @GreenSock I'm receiving a similar error today causing builds to fail: An unexpected error occurred: "https://npm.greensock.com/@gsap%2fshockingly/-/shockingly-3.11.5.tgz: Request failed \"403 Forbidden\"".