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  1. Is autoCSS:false somewhere in the docs? Found it another day here in the forum but couldn't find again... It's very useful in some cases!
  2. Using z: 0.1 generates a matrix3d, so, i think it's ok!
  3. Isn't that right that translate3d triggers hardware acceleration? So it would be better to use it when it's available...
  4. But x and y will be a 2d translate and not the same as translateX and translateY.
  5. Can't i use translate3d in my tweens? I see x and y for translate, but no translate3d!
  6. Thanks Jack. I made a function that creates the tween. Works fine! I'm developing my new website. Soon it will be part of the GreenSock Showcase This tool is amazing!
  7. Can i change the elements of a timeline? I'm removing all canvas elements from #bg1 and then adding new ones. How can i update the existing timeline? var tl = new TimelineMax({paused:true}) .add(new TimelineMax() .staggerFromTo($('#bg1 canvas'), 2, {css: {autoAlpha:1}}, {css: {autoAlpha:0} },.25).duration(0.7) )
  8. Please, read this: http://forums.greensock.com/topic/7202-stagger-with-custom-ending-time/#entry26886 This will work as you expect: var tl = TweenMax.to($("div"), 1, {css:{left:"100%"}}).totalDuration(5); alert(tl.totalDuration());
  9. Sorry, my mistake! I was reading the duration method that TweenMax inherits from Animation Class (that is different than the TimelineLite Class): http://api.greensock.com/js/com/greensock/core/Animation.html#duration() In this case, you could mention in the docs that they are different. Thanks for your time Jack!
  10. Thank you guys for the very good explanations! Now i see the problems of changing the duration. Please, take a look at the docs. I don't think it's clear that the duration will not change.
  11. Thanks for the answer Carl. I was expecting a behaviour like the css visibility or position properties, since their values are strings. The set method also returns NaN. Obj.a = "A"; TweenMax.set(Obj, {a:"B"}); //Obj.a = NaN I'm on my iPad now. I don't remember for sure if the result was NaN or if nothing happened.
  12. I'm trying to tween a custom object property with string values, but they are changed to NaN. Why are they been treated as number? .fromTo(_bg, 0.7, { currentBg:'bg1', curentBgType:'gradient', ratio:0 }, { currentBg:'bg2', curentBgType:'gdImg', ratio:1 },0.001 )
  13. Shouldn't duration really change the duration? So, the original duration could be kept inside an internal var. Thanks for your help Carl. I've got it working! Just nested the Stagger TL with the changed duration inside a parent TL.
  14. Thanks Carl! I tested changing the duration but the only thing that changed was the TimeScale. I've got the following result: tl.duration(); // 1.8 tl.duration(0.5); tl.duration(); // 1.8 It works when i play it or change the .progress(), but the animation seems unchanged when using seek() or time().