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  1. Forgot to add opacity to 0 as initial state. Sorry 😒 Thank for your quick help 👍
  2. Hi all, Sorry if I am replying to this old thread, but what if I want the phone to still have opacity: 1 even after the pin effect is done? Considering also reversing the animation, I mean: If I scroll up the animation will reverse so opacity from 1 to 0 If I scroll down the animation will play normally so opacity from 0 to 1 as the example above. Thanks ❤️
  3. Alright, I was just looking for a workaround using basic version of GSAP. Thank you for your quick support. Amazing community.
  4. Many thanks to all of you guys. Is there a way to achieve this without the premium plugin? Maybe just play with opacity or color effect while scrolling? Thanks again ❤️
  5. Hi devs, I'm trying to achive this animation using GSAP: As you can see the text is already present but the animation take place with opacity while scrolling. Thanks all!