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  1. thanks for the quick response. you're right...the "+=" syntax fixed the y issue, i didn't notice that in the documentation. for comparison, i've posted a v11 / v12 example. i left the old y syntax in there to show how the tweening is different between the two. thanks. http://moondogstudios.com/tweenTest/infographic_v11.html http://moondogstudios.com/tweenTest/infographic_v12.html
  2. i've noticed that after switching to v12 or the minified versions of TweenMax, the tweens using values as strings no long work properly. for example: TweenMax.from(copy1b, 1.5, {alpha:0, y:"30", ease:Strong.easeOut, delay:3}); works great in v11, but tweens from the top of the canvas in v12 / minified. anyone else experiencing this? on closer look, the y tweens break completely, while the x tweens seem to work ok, but the values are interpreted differently from v11. for example: TweenMax.from(copy2a, 1, {x:"920", delay:1.5}); the object does not appear prior to tweening on my 1000px wide canvas, yet in v12 / minified appears about 100px or so on the canvas before tweening. sorry if this has been discussed, i searched the forum but found nothing. also, i'm new to GSAP for javascript.