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    Hi, i just was woundering if there is something around like the TransformAroundCenterPlugin for the JS version of GSAP. This time i just need a scale transformation. Can someone give me a hint? Jan
  2. Hi i wounder if someone got TweenMax.js (1.9.4b) minimized with Google's Closure Compiler and ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS. I tried TweenMax.js concated with my animation code and i get an : 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Power4' of undefined' exception at runtime. If i use SIMPLE_OPTIMAZTIONS everything works fine. Can someone give me a hint? Jan
  3. Hi, i wounder how to fade all elements in a timeline. I can't introduce a new extra container - which would be easy to fad - cause of several zIndexes used for the elements. Can someone give me a hint? Jan
  4. Jan

    Timeline play(From)To

    Hi, i need a timeline to stop at a certain point. I remember in AS there is something like tweenTo. How can i achieve this in javascript? Thank you Jan