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  1. This looks very interesting, thanks Carl - most helpful!
  2. Thanks, that is really helpful. That is indeed the animation I'm talking about. When I inspect the DOM though I can't see any canvas there at all - it just seems to be a div with a background colour and image (the text is the image). Even when it animates there doesn't seem to be any canvas injected in. I trust you know the boundaries of GreenSock and the technology in general so I just need to try to fathom how on earth that guy has done this! (You know that time when you think you're a decent front end developer then somebody does something I it's a whole new world of awesome...)
  3. Doh! The title should be 'Skew and resize' not 'Tween and resize. I'm pretty sure it's not a tween.
  4. Hi, I came across GreenSock whilst trying to figure out how the wonderful Form Follows Function website works (http://fff.cmiscm.com). When you visit that site and click one of the colourful boxes, the box animates by 'wiggling' larger with a kind of skew effect. I wonder if this is something that GreenSock does out of the box, or if it's something that would be difficult to acheive. Basically, any pointers on where to start in reproducing a similar effect would be very much welcome - I have no idea where to start! By the way, I'm so glad I came across GreenSock and it's baffling that I've not come across it before - it looks absolutely awesome! Many thanks folks.