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  1. Thank you so much for all your tips and answers. I was forced to move on today due to a deadline and switch to jQuery, but this will for sure not be the last time, that I'll be needing similar functionality, and will definitely try this out next time. It's also good to know, that you guys are fast and thorough when responding to any questions, that might arise while using Greensock for the first few times. "1: you were setting opacity:0 in your css for .tooltip. IE8 doesn't recognize opacity so that is why all the tooltips were displaying initially and the tweens didn't work." In the actual tooltip menu, that I was working on, there is of course a lot more styling on the tooltips. They have a border-radius in all corners and box-shadow, and I'm adding support for those in older IE browsers by using CSS Pie. I was convinced, that the problems I was having, had something to do with the pie.htc. For setting opacity for older IE I was using the required alpha filters, but you're saying, that "visibility: hidden" should be used instead? I'll have another go at it later on, when I'm at the office again.
  2. I got rid of the error by giving the variable an empty value to start with: var currentToolTipTween = ''; Is it possible to get this to work in IE8 too or is GSAP only supported in modern browsers?
  3. The code is functional and does what it should, but I've just noticed, that it's throwing this error on pageload. Any ideas how to get around this? TypeError: currentToolTipTween is undefined currentToolTipTween.kill();
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. This was exactly what I needed.
  5. I'm trying out GSAP for the first time, and having some trouble with creating this animated menu. I've managed to create a list of navigation items, where the top position of each link is animated on mouseenter and mouseleave. As well as this, I'd like to display a tooltip for each link, but the tooltip should only display after a four-second-delay. The problem is, that right now the onComplete function is getting called and hence the tooltip displayed even when just quickly hovering over the list-item, but the onComplete should only be triggered, if the both animating the top position has been completed and the four seconds are up. So I think I ought to somehow wrap the onComplete call in a delay function, but how do I do that? I just don't seem to be able to figure out the right syntax, and I really hope, that you can help me out here. index.html