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  1. Thank you! Yes I had seen this information, but I can't transpose in the case where all my pillars are in the same panel, to have a pause once my pillar reaches the top position, before going back down and the animation continues in the same way on the following pillars. I'm really sorry I can't do a Pen, it would be easier. Thanks anyway!
  2. Thank you! My problem is that the site is on Webflow and I can't easily export the CSS. So, my codepen doesn't look like anything Here is the link of the page as is : https://heroine.webflow.io/wip/methode-copy
  3. Hello @Cassie While looking for a way to build and animate the section below, I came across this thread and your reply to Sukru. I feel that there is here for me a beginning of answer, but I confess that it still remains complicated in my mind. Would you by any chance have some ideas for me? thank you very much