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  1. Jack: I think you did jquery folks a bit happier great support! We will test the library next week with our application and in case it feels faster optionally include GSAP as the animating engine. the js files would be injected on the fly if needed. TweenLite.version 1.675 is the first one supporting the above? Also - is it backwards compatible? In the sense, that when it is already included in a page (we do not know this) but has version < 1.675 the already included should be overwritten by the version from our package. what is the smallest TweenLite.version one would have troubles with? Any bigger depreciations? Anyway thanks again, I will let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi Jack, thanks for your quick answer. We have done basic translation into a jquery plugin with one problem left so far: since easelookup.find is not implemented with js version (this forum info) could you please assist with a way of mapping standard jquery and ui easing strings into yours? Heuristic best match is ok for beginning. easeInQuad, easeOutQuad, easeOutCirc and easeOutCubic are of particular interest. Thanks. 'swing', 'linear', 'easeInQuad', 'easeOutQuad', 'easeInOutQuad', 'easeInCubic', 'easeOutCubic', 'easeInOutCubic', 'easeInQuart', 'easeOutQuart','easeInOutQuart', 'easeInQuint','easeOutQuint', 'easeInOutQuint', 'easeInSine', 'easeOutSine', 'easeInOutSine', 'easeInExpo', 'easeOutExpo', 'easeInOutExpo', 'easeInCirc', 'easeOutCirc', 'easeInOutCirc', 'easeInElastic', 'easeOutElastic', 'easeInOutElastic', 'easeInBack', 'easeOutBack', 'easeInOutBack', 'easeInBounce', 'easeOutBounce', 'easeInOutBounce'
  3. Hi, I am looking for a commercial version of your product. Is there an easy way to test GSAP on existing jQuery based application without rewriting the entire code? From what I saw in the demos jQuery selectors are supported. Now one would only need to create a plugin, say jQuery.GSAP_animate to keep the pattern of jQuery.animate(properties,options), same thing for stop([clearQueue ] [, jumpToEnd ]); any hints to alpha, beta versions of such a wrapper or other solutions are highly appreciated as well. Thanks.