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  1. Hello! Is it possible to easily set scope without storing additional variables? For example in pixi.js I can do: target.on('event', this.func, this); // this code inside the class. Last argument is scope (instance of class). target.off('event', this.func, this); // no need to set id or store additional variables. Just also specify scope. given that there is a lot of code in classes and often you need to specify the context, I think it's really more convenient, than: tween = gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func.bind(this)); gsap.killTweensOf(tween) // need to store a variable gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func.bind(this)).vars.id = 'id'; gsap.killTweensOf('id') // need to come up with id I would like to see: gsap.delayedCall(1, this.func, this); gsap.killTweensOf(this.func, this); Thanks for help:)
  2. Its strange, because the most of programs aren't made in flash ide CS6. But flashDevelop is just simple IDE, which runs the code with SDK. So this problem you'll meet in other IDE such as inellij IDEA, eclipse and even notepad++. Everything will be compiled with official adobe SDK. That's why there are two questions: 1. Do you support the official SDK? 2. Do you have an idea why there is a problem with flicking video(maybe old version of SDK, flashplayer, greensock)? Looking forward to you answering! Best regards
  3. Hi, I've prepared one test regarding "flicking" video. In case I build scene from FLA file - everything is ok, but there are some flicks if I compile it from FlashDevelop. No matter is it in debug or in release modes. It seems this is a problem of SDK, but if I use some previous versions of greensock in FlashDevekop all is ok. I suppose the issue is depends of number of objects in scene. Flashdevelop + SDK 4.6.0 sample: http://www.dropbox.com/s/binz22i12nvguls/test.rar Best regards
  4. Good day! I have a problem with VideoLoader. Somtetimes video played very fast! Sometimes good, sometimes fast. My flv file duration is 2 seconds... very small and i think that is problem. My constructor: videoLoader = new VideoLoader(filename, {autoPlay:false, container:this, width:size ? size.x : null, height:size ? size.y : null, repeat: -1, bufferTime:4} ); So if set bufferTime to 4 , I have a problem? but if set it to 0.01, its better.. but with new problem: syncronization of videos not work: private function onVideoComplete(e:Event):void { playComplete = true; var synthSymbolsPlayFound:Boolean = false; for (var i:int = 0; i < synthSymbols.length; i++) { var videoLdr:VideoSprite = synthSymbols[i]; if (videoLoader.url == videoLdr.videoLoader.url && !videoLdr.playComplete) { synthSymbolsPlayFound = true; break; } } if (synthSymbolsPlayFound) videoLoader.pauseVideo(); else { for (i = 0; i < synthSymbols.length; i++) { if (videoLoader.url == synthSymbols[i].videoLoader.url) { synthSymbols[i].videoLoader.playVideo(); synthSymbols[i].playComplete = false; } } } } These problems are in the last version VideoLoader. sorry for my bad english