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  1. I've tried out both solutions and they both work great. Think my problem was the repeating frame which was causing the "jump". Shouldn't have missed that Thanks guys! Much appreciate the help!
  2. Thanks Micheal, I've tried what you suggested but onComplete doesn't seem to be called - possibly due to the repeats. I've also tried animating the full width of the picture instead {backgroundPosition:"1024px 0"} but it still "jumps" at the end of the animation even with repeatDelay:0 and no easing. Ideally if there's an option to set "infinite time" then the animation would work exactly how it's supposed to. Perhaps I'm missing something ?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to GSAP and am trying to duplicate a jQuery animation using Greensock. One of the effects is a constant scrolling background similar to http://www.kudoswebsolutions.com/blog/jquery_scrolling_background/demos.html Using tweenMax I've come up with TweenMax.to($("#bg"),1,{css:{backgroundPosition:"+=1px 0"},repeat:-1}); However the background position resets every time the animation repeats. How can I continue the animation indefinitely without setting the time to something like 99999?