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  1. Thank you very much for the answer. Actually the updates of my cells were made by a thrid party librairy causing the all cells display to be refreshed in the middle of the fade animations.
  2. Hello, let me explain what i would like to achieve : i have a table whose "cell" values are updated every seconds. Moreover each value change is highlighted by a fade animation (using jquery) which could last for let's say 3 seconds. I used a setInterval javascript function. But the result is that the effect occuring on a cell only last for one second instead of tree seconds. Javascript is single threaded i know be how is it possible to have the event queue rearrange in a way that allow : cell one modification + fade animation happen correctly in the same time of others cells modifications + other animations ? I noticed too that if the div containing the table has a scrollbar, and that i use this scrollbar during the animations then just stop until i release the use of the scrollbar because the event of animation has no time to execute anymore. Is it possible with greensock to resolve this kind of problem ?