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  1. hi Under the export settings are you using "After time elapsed"? and not "When last frame is reached?" I had the same problem, using CC which exports to Media Encoder. Edit: didt see your last post
  2. hi I am trying to figure out overwrite manager. The arrow doesn't start out at scale 0, but at the .8 scale from the other tween applied to it later. var WebpageCreate:TimelineMax = new TimelineMax({paused:true,delay:0,onComplete:websiteOut}); //url arrow click WebpageCreate.append(TweenMax.fromTo(donut_site.urlBar.arrow,.75, {scaleX:0,scaleY:0},{bezierThrough:[{x:-97, y:-56}, {x:145, y:5}, {x:-49, y:45}, {x:-11, y:0}], orientToBezier:true,scaleX:1.2,scaleY:1.2,ease:Circ.easeOut,onComplete:donut_site.urlBar.arrow.burst.SunBurst}),0); WebpageCreate.appendMultiple([ TweenMax.fromTo(donut_site.urlBar.arrow, .2,{scaleX:.8,scaleY:.8,ease:Back.easeInOut}, {scaleX:1.2,scaleY:1.2}), TweenMax.to(donut_site.urlBar, .2,{scaleX:2.7,scaleY:2.7,ease:Back.easeInOut}), ], 0, TweenAlign.START,0);
  3. Hi all Is there an easy way to create an animation for a swinging sign that slows down and stops? For example, this makes it swing back and forth, but i wanted it it slow down and stop. TweenMax.fromTo(open_sign.sign, .5, {rotation:20},{rotation:-20,ease:Sine.easeInOut,repeat:10,yoyo:true}); thanks!