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  1. Hi, I add items to my horizontal list of element inside the Draggable with a delay. The eleastic indication when dragging from left to right works fine. But after I add new elements it doesn't work when I drag from right to left. I kinda just sticks to the right side of the bounding box. If i initiate with a given number of elements then eleastic indication works smoothly. Is there a problem with my call to .update()? Best Kristian
  2. Hi, Thank you for your response. I thought it was an obvious error - therefore the brief error description. Turnes out it was obviously my own mistake. Sorry. I think i must have downloaded the newset release without being logged in and then merged the new folder and files with the old. I just logged in and downloaded the business-zip and everything is sweet again. Thank you Kristian (Redia)
  3. I just dowlnoaded the latest version of com.greensock where TweenPlugin vesion is 12.1.5 some Club Greensock plugins are no longer compatible with this update. TransformAroundPointPlugin and other plugins have several compile errors. Any possible fix in the near future? Regards Kristian