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  1. Hi, is there a way to get this to work with chars instead of lines? I was unable to fork the Codepen, but when I switch lines for chars the gradient element doesn't show at all, just the none gradient text. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am trying to get an SVG to shrink and move to top left and then remain there so that it is the main page logo. The initial animation works, but when I scroll back down the page, the SVG jumps back to original Y position. I need it stay in the top left. Any help appreciated. TIA
  3. Has anyone managed to get this method to work. My first GSAP animation worked when I placed everything on the actual page (see image), but this method doesn't seem to work for other animations. If I try the above method nothing seems to happen and the animations don't work. Have tried most of the methods on Youtube so assume it must be only me!
  4. Perfect, thank you. I am learning through using and looking at the code, so much appreciated help.
  5. Just started using GSAP so please excuse the naive question. Looking at using SplitText, like in the attached Codepen, but wanted to see how it could be altered so that when the letters appear, the order is random, rather than linear from beginning of the quote to the end? Thanks.