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  1. 1. This happens with this version of the beta file. In which you have made corrections regarding this topic. Before that, I did not notice such problems. Previously beta version 3.11.5 worked correctly. 2. No. When I ran my tests, my phone was on the table and I swiped my finger vertically across the screen. There was no horizontal movement. 3. Don't know🙂 I find this smoothing to be pleasant. When testing on a touch device, there is no discomfort.
  2. While testing this version of the scrollTrigger, I noticed that sometimes there are problems with scrolling when the smoothTouch option is enabled. Sometimes, at the first loading, scrolling practically does not work. On my video, the problem was reproduced the second time. The first time the page loads, I make a strong swipe with my finger and the page scrolls normally. The second time the page loads, I make the same strong swipe with my finger, but the page barely budges (as if I made a light touch with my finger on the screen). After a few touches, the scroll starts working normally. Video CodePen
  3. Wow! Looks great. I tested on an Android device, a little later I can test on an iOS device. Now the page movement looks great. Very smooth, without any twitches. How did you do it? What was the problem?
  4. Jack, thanks a lot for the comprehensive answer. You spent a lot of time on this explanation, I really appreciate it. No frustration, gsap - beautiful. I'm just trying to understand all aspects of using gsap. I'm afraid to let my team down. Once again thanks!
  5. Sorry, but your example does not match the given parameters. In my first post, I pointed out that the bug occurs when the option to normalizeScroll and smoothTouch is enabled at the same time. In your example, for some reason you turned off normalizeScroll. Turn it on and you'll get the bug I'm talking about. Moreover, this bug is present in the current version 3.11.4
  6. Can you please tell me if you managed to find this problem? Is it fixable. I apologize for my persistence. I want to clarify my impatience. My team assigned me to study GSAP. And to figure out how well it works, and what functions we can implement in our projects. The company plans to use GSAP for client projects. Thank you for your patience!
  7. On initial load, the active timeline is not played. In version 3.11.4, the animation plays on load. CodePen 3.11.4 https://codepen.io/lexa18/pen/abadRpw
  8. First you need to move timeline to the inside of the context. Otherwise, the use of the context is meaningless.
  9. Hello! I took this codepen from demo page. Made a fork and played with the settings. I noticed that on devices with a touch screen (ios, android) there are friezes. This issue occurs when the normalizeScroll and smoothTouch options are enabled (at the same time). The problem occurs in version 3.11.5 (beta). When using an earlier version of the scrollTrigger and scrollSmoother, there are no such problems. Attached is a link to a screen recording video. The video shows how at some point, the site freezes.
  10. Wow! @Rodrigo, @GreenSock, thanks for the quick response! I am pleasantly surprised! @GreenSock, your codePen looks perfect. It works great. I would be very grateful if you could give an approximate release date for 3.11.5. I understand that it is difficult to give an exact date. But I need to discuss the project timeline with the client. One more question... Am I correct in assuming that my client needs the "ShockinglyGreen" plan for $149 per year to use ScrollSmoother?
  11. Hey! I was looking into the scrollSmoother plugin for my client. And I came across a strange behavior in the codePen, which is present in the documentation. When the window is resized, the page scroll position jumps to the top and smoothly scrolls to the current position. Looks like a bug? Or did I not understand something? Here is a video demo Link to the documentation, where this codepen