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  1. My apologies, Jamie and Rodrigo. I've been caught up in another project, but I do very much appreciate the assistance and advice you've both offered. Rodrigo, there certainly is a tremendous amount of information in your examples and all of your forum posts. Without those I would have been completely lost. I should be the one apologising for not following up on my enquiry, not you! I hope you're able to find some relief in what sounds like a difficult time for you. Brigitte
  2. Thanks again, Jamie and Rodrigo. Not in a position to test this at present but will try out your suggestions later.
  3. Thanks Jamie and Rodrigo. I must have something else going on as that's not working for me. What I now get is a brief flash of the top of the page, and then it scrolls down to the last scrolled position again. I'll have a bit of an investigation and report back. Brigitte.
  4. Thanks for this suggestion, Jamie. Will give it a try and let you know how it goes.
  5. Hi Rodrigo, Thanks for your prompt response. I don't want to clear the cache, I just need to return to the top of the page, which is clearly more complex than I had anticipated. I think I'll just have to make "back to top" links readily available! thanks again, Brigitte
  6. Firstly, thank you so much Rodrigo for your incredibly helpful tutorials! I am completely new to animations - and rather rusty on Javascript so your examples have been a godsend. I am trying to achieve a similar thing to jeff4gee: custom navigation via animated scroll to an anchor tag. I have that working. However, my problem is on page refresh. At present when I refresh the page, it's taking me to the last scrolled-to position, rather than the top of the page, which is what I need. You can see the same thing in action on your horizontal and vertical scrolling sample pages (links below) by scrolling to a particular point. When you reload the page, it immediately jumps to the last scrolled position. http://www.websnap.cl/samples/parallax/horizontal.scrolling.html http://www.websnap.cl/samples/parallax/vertical.scrolling.html Do you have any suggestions as to how to prevent this and "reset" the scrollTo y value back to 0? many thanks, Brigitte