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  1. I updated to 12 long time before. It start to happen after a another update. But i replaced all the files again with the current version and the problem disappear. So i think my files was mixed with new and old versions.
  2. After a TweenMax update. Pause stop do accept arguments, in this case, the "atTime". Some thing strange is when i see the function, there is 2 optional arguments: "atTime", "suppressEvents". But when i try to call the function with the arguments compiler gives a error: col: 31 Error: Incorrect number of arguments. Expected no more than 0. The code is this: DamageInvunerable_IN = TweenMax.to(this, 0.15, { startAt: { brightness: -.6, hue:0, contrast:.25, saturation: -.25 }, brightness:0, hue:0, contrast:0, saturation:0, overwrite:false, repeat: -1, yoyo:true, ease:Quad.easeInOut }
  3. I indeed found a error in the code, that in some cases call a function that in some cases call a TweenMax.KillAll(). I believe this TweenMax function stops and kills ALL tweens running in the system altogether right? I solve this issue but i need more testing to make sure the problem was gone. About your the questions: - I fist used the V11 and then the V12. In both versions the problem occurred. - I using overwrite:false because i need to multiple Tweens to control multiple filters in a same object. For example: A certain status (damaged) applies a colorMatrixFilter when active and other
  4. I´m using a lot of features of TweenMax in flash game project like: - Delay calls. - Tween Proprieties and Variables. - Tween call functions in onUpdate/onComplete/onStart feature - Tween filters, color matrix and so on - Scale around point In some game features like: - Apply/Remove/Animate effect - Damage Controls Timers - Auto Time Control in Status Effects - Show/Hide/Animate Interfaces Arts - Show/Animate Damage art Splashes and Damage Text - Other Attributes Timers - Other Object Animations I have had huge problem that appear after i implement TweenMax for the animatio
  5. I understand. Well i get around the problem just limiting the situations where player can change the camera zoom, and every time the camera goes to the the normal zoom, it reset the y position of the sprites to originals values so the problem can´t be accumulated (in the y axis where the problem is more noticed). Other action is to make the transformation point dislocated in relation to the character´s velocity, so the point would be where the character will be and not where he was when the Tween start. Not a complete solution because in some rare cases when camera zoom in some layers appear t
  6. Thanks Carl. Fortunately i don´t needed to use globalToLocal, i just subtract position of the container to find the absolute coordinate of the child in this case. Is working fine now, and i must say this plugin is essential. Thanks GreenShock for that. I don´t know how would solve this features without it. But i´m having a another little problem. I´m developing a sidecroller game. This feature i use the transformAroundPoint plugin consists of simulate a 3D camera going in or out the scene. In the game every element has it own parallax value which determines how much a element
  7. I´m trying to Tween a MC scale in a way it transformation point be always in the center of the screen. I though the TransformAroundPointPlugin already done the transformation by a absolute position point. But the code do not works as expected. It seams do use a coordinate relative to the MC that is transformed. Is TransformAroundPointPlugin work with absolute or relative values? If is relative, how can i find dynamically the right relative coordinate to the center of the screen? Here is the code: TweenMax.to(spriteArt.container, 0.5, {transformAroundPoint:{point:new Point(400, 200