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  1. I have to say that the whole using Lint thing can be annoying. It is amazingly helpful for many common errors and troubleshooting, however, it does not like jQuery, GreenSock, or any other of our tools. Most of the time I get a ton of LintErrors and it seems to work perfect. Is there another tool to check to see if you are missing stupid things or to proof work to clean it up like lint does??? A tool like this would be helpful. Right now I use Brackets.io or DreamWeaver but they don't necessarily let you know where the mistake is because most of the time it will give you an error at y
  2. LewisOne


    Very cool.... Brilliant.
  3. LewisOne

    Text Glow

    Jamie's a genius.
  4. LewisOne

    Text Glow

    So, I wanted to animate a glow around some text, but was not happy with the size of the glow size and since css does not have spread like box shadows do I tried this quick fix: TweenMax.set(".text", { textShadow:"10px 0px 20px rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)", textShadow:"-10px 0px 20px rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)", textShadow:"0px 10px 20px rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)", textShadow:"0px -10px 20px rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)" }); However it only fires one of the actions (bottom glow with no top, right, or left)? I thought that maybe it was just a css limit but when I did this it worked like a c
  5. Oh man, I'm glad you folk are so freeking smart, hahaha. I have been trying to use the set() for a while and could not seem to get it to work. I have been using it wrong by putting a timing value on it (just changing to to set). Duh, lol. Greenfully appreciated guys. Some day I will be a master.
  6. mmmm, interesting. I changed it to use just this: TweenMax.to(".artIcon", 0, {borderRadius: "50%"}); <---zero because this is the initial state of the object then it gets animated later and on your codepen it still works great???? I've gotten this to work really well on all browsers but Chrome in my version, unless I don't initialize the DIV with the css up front. I haven't figured out why yours works yet. I'll mess with it some more. http://new.bpbenger.com/cart.html So the initial state of the box is round, and on mouse over it is square and goes back on mouse out.
  7. Wow, CodePen is pretty cool. lol I'm sure it's something stupid im not doing. http://codepen.io/LewisOne/pen/LpisI I commented out the css to show that in chrome the border radius inst working. if you un-comment the stuff then it magically starts working.
  8. I just want to throw some knowledge out there to the Green World with something I've been having issues with. I've been struggling with the corner radius not masking any image background or <img> in a <div> using css or a GS tweens. After much searching I finally found a workaround, although I don't really know why it works, lol. In your css If you place this webkit-mask-image it will mask the border. I honestly have no idea what all the goobly text is, but this works like a Harry Potter Magic Wand Spell in all my images without changing anything. DO: .object {
  9. Ok, I'm doing things correct then. At first, I was trying to put everything into the button code that I wanted it to do (like I do in AS3) and then just duplicate it for my second button with new things going on. I didn't relaise that the actions have to be outside the buttons and now that I only use the buttons to play/reverse/pause/etc it works like a charm. I was also stuck on how to make only one work onLoad. I stumbled upon in frustration (trying stuff randomly) that I can pause the timeline at the beginning of the code to get it to stop playing, lol. Thanks for your encouragement
  10. I don't really like the solution, but I figured out if I did this it seems to work: my goal is for the other animation not to play in the beginning. It works, but Is this a good solution or is there a better way??? var tlHome = new TimelineMax(); var tlService = new TimelineMax(); tlHome.play(); tlService.pause(); tlHome.to(coolStuff) tlService.to(coolStuff}) $("#buttonone").click(function() { tlone.play(); tltwo.reverse(); }); $("#buttontwo").click(function() { tltwo.play(); tlone.reverse(); }); I think that I figured out that i need to only use the butt
  11. I'm trying to understand what I'm not doing right. I can get this to work with one timeline and reverse, but when I add another timeline it does nothing. Any ideas on the concept. var tlone = new TimelineMax(); var tltwo = new TimelineMax(); $("#buttonone").click(function() { tlone.to(homePage, 2, {somestuff}) .to(servicePage, 2, {morestuff}) tltwo.reverse(); }); $("#buttontwo").click(function() { tltwo.to(homePage, 2, {somestuff}) .to(servicePage, 2, {morestuff}) tlone.reverse(); });
  12. LewisOne


    Super interesting way to do it, however I can't get it to work in FF (no beginning image or anything, mouseovers don't work) but works in Safari. I get the concept of how you did it, I'll mess with it some more.
  13. LewisOne

    reverse button

    ah, I see the problem, im having a simular issue. So I know that this isn't a GS issue, but how can you keep the new TimelineMax() stattements out of the button/function and it still work. I tried this with no luck... tl = new TimelineLite(); window.onload = function() { var logo = document.getElementById("logo"); var btn = document.getElementById("btn") ; tl.from(logo, 1, {bottom:"600px", top:"500px", scale:"0px", autoAlpha:"0"}); tl.from(btn, 1, {bottom:"500px", top:"500px", opacity:"0", fade:"0", rotation:"-180"}); } btn.click(function(){ tl.r
  14. LewisOne


    The codepen link is broke???
  15. LewisOne


    AAAhhhh, I need to activate the colorProps plugin. Works like a charm... duh. hahahaa If anyone has some cool ways to color stuff let me know. Thanks Team.