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  1. Came here for this exact issue hoping to get an answer. We have an internal preview environment that we QA and get approval on final banners before sent off to publisher. It's a simple html page that contains links. When clicked it opens the banners in a lightbox. EVERY ad from EVERY other publisher works but Sizmek ads don't load. Come on Sizmek! Make it easy on us Devs or we recommend publishers that are willing to play along (there are plenty).
  2. Woj

    Accordian puzzle

    Thanks for chiming in Sahil. As far as the way its coded, thats not what I was focusing on right now. Diaco, from GSAP, has a great pen that I was going to follow once I get the basic functionality sorted out. My issue is having a slide that is 50% image and 50% text in a container that sort of masks that content in and out.
  3. Woj

    Accordian puzzle

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get another set of eyes on this to help me solve this puzzle. Making this fluid for various sized windows. Please just look at first blue accordion item. On rollover, the targeted accordion item expands to 50% width. Everything else collapses to 16.66%. On click, the first slide expands to 100% width. My issue is with the contents of the slide container. The slide container needs to be made up of 50% image and 50% white text box. In this codePen, you will see I sort of finagled something together where as the container expands to 100% the image quickly changes to 50%. Its a little janky and you can see the tween sort of jerk. Not really ideal: Here I start out with the blue image and the white text box both being set to 50%. But as you can see, rather than being 50% of the entire experience, they are 50% of the containers current 25% state. When you click to expand it goes to where it needs to be. Here is a quick, thrown together wireframe of what i'm trying to accomplish. I figured percentages were the way to go because I needed a fluid experience. Maybe i should explore a different path? Any ideas or guidance would be great.
  4. Figured it out by find ing this link in the forums: The solution is adding this to the onclick function: buttonLeft.onmouseout = null; buttonLeft.onmouseleave = null;
  5. I have a very simple animation. Hover over the left side and the dart shifts left. Hover over right and it shifts to the right. Upon click, the dart tweens to center of dart board. Pretty simple stuff. The issue I have is that after the dart tweens to the center of dart board is you mouseOff or mouseLeave the dart shifts back to the center position. I thought that setting the buttons visibility to hidden would work but it doesnt. Ive tried killing tweens. Im kind of stuck.
  6. At ease, gentlemen. Figured it out. Tween to top and left is what i was looking for.
  7. Hey everyone. I have an object that follows the mouse. On click, id like to object to tween to a certain x,y value from whatever the mouses current position is. Right now in my codepen on click the circle object tweens to X:100 from where the mouse is positioned. I need it to tween to a specific position in its parent. Any ideas?
  8. Carl, you're the best. I would have never thought of that. Exactly what I needed.
  9. I tried using the isActive, but perhaps I dont really know the best way to utilize it. In this codepen if you rollover while its active the animation continues and you do get a console log notifying that the animation is indeed active. The problem is, I cant figure out how to then trigger the code to realize that the mouse is over the button and to not play any further animation. http://codepen.io/stevewojcik/pen/zqNRpw
  10. Hey guys, I have a little timeline that cycles throw a series of slides automatically. On rollover the timeline is to pause. On rollout a timer is triggered and the timeline plays again. My issue is that I need the timeline to complete animating the slide in. Right now, rollover will just pause the animation in mid cycle.
  11. Woj

    Tweening string items

    Hey guys, I have a gallery which brings in a .png text headline for every frame. As the gallery auto plays or as the user swipes through, each headline pops on and off the screen as it should. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to attach a greensock tween to each string item. Any ideas? gwd.galleryText = function(event) { var gallery = document.getElementById('gwd-swipegallery_1'); var div = document.getElementById('my-div'); var text = { 1: "<img src='assets/headline1.png'>", 2: "<img src='assets/headline2.png'>", 3: "<img src='assets/headline3.png'>" }; div.innerHTML = text[gallery.currentIndex]; };