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  1. I've been using npm packge of gsap with great success! I really wan to use Physics2DPLugin in my vuejs2 app, so just renewed my club memebership. I went thru a lot of posts. I tried script-loader: import { TweenMax, TimelineMax, Power0, Power3, Circ, Expo, RoughEase } from 'gsap' require('script-loader!/src/vendor/Physics2DPlugin.min.js') but eslint flips out on plugin I tried the webpack plugin way: https://github.com/OSUblake/gsap-webpack/blob/master/gsap-webpack/gsap-webpack/webpack.config.js but I can't get plugin to work, but maybe I'm setting it up wrong? Should I remove the gsap that I installed and rename the "greensock-js-simply-green" folder to "gsap" and copy that into node_modules? I tried settign up a vendor folder, but I still can't get access to the PLugin any updated info on using Club GreenSock PLugin with webpack / vuejs? thanks drew
  2. @fraenzn I'm not to familiar with Webpack, but I had the similar issue with browserify. there are couple of web pack specific threads that may help: http://greensock.com/forums/topic/13478-draggable-on-aurelia/#entry56286 http://greensock.com/forums/topic/10464-how-to-access-plugins-and-utils-through-npm-module/#entry63422 I was able to get Draggable to in work Browserify by adding : "browser": { "Draggable": "./node_modules/gsap/src/uncompressed/utils/Draggable.js" }, then just requiring it like: require ("Draggable"); Based on one of the above threads, it seems you can add the following to your webpack config file: (maybe..?.. not webpack expert) resolve: { root: path.resolve(__dirname), extensions: ['', '.js'], alias: { "Draggable": "path_to_Draggable" } }
  3. Absolutely, this will help! This reply along with some earlier threads, that you replied to as well... will help. http://greensock.com/forums/topic/11484-using-gsap-with-nodejs/#entry47957 thank you
  4. Thank You! I'm going to try these out asap!
  5. I was wondering if there has been any more info regarding GSAP and ES6 Modules? I was an avid Greensock for many many years, both with Actionscript and Javascript. Recently I have been doing a lot of work with Vue.js and Laravel for web app development, and I really miss using the GSAP tools. I use babal and browserify in my build process, and am looking for info on the best way to integrate GSAP into my workflow. thanks drew
  6. Used the greensock AS3 library forever and love GSAP! I'm working on a side project that involves dragdrop and drawing on canvas. So I have been trying many different JS libraries and I haven't been able to find a single animation platform that does both draw and animate. I really like the GSAP JS draggable functions and have been investigating paper.js. Has anyone had luck with multiple layered canvases and leveraging both paper.js and GSAP. thanks drew