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  1. Dear Carl, I changed the autoplay from true to false on the first video, changed the load=true to false and updated the Loader handler to onInit. Works great!!! THANK YOU so much! Reading the documents helped me to understand what some of those parameters were doing. I appreciate the help immensely! Cheers, Monica
  2. Hello! We are using this tutorial as a starting point: http://codeknow.com/...ce/videoLoader/ What we have is seven F4V videos that are relatively large (smallest 5.2MB; largest 44.3MB). I am using the XML loader to create the queue and then load it as the tutorial link above demonstrates. The first video in the queue should play when enough of it is buffered in (it's 8.9MB) while the rest of the videos download in the background. I am using MaxConnections = 1. What is happening though is that the first video doesn't show until the entire queue of videos is loaded completely.
  3. Thank you! Your guidance with the frame checking led me down a path that solved my problem. MUCH appreciated! Cheers, Monica
  4. Yes, it keeps looping back to Frame 1. Perhaps I need to add a whole lotta frames. In Director there is a "go the frame" behavior where it can loop until released. Is there such an animal in Flash AS3? Or is that a "gotoAndPlay(4)" when you're on 4 or 5? I admit I haven't touched AS3 much. What I was hoping to rely on was a callback function to Director using the GetURL but that is now deprecated in AS3. I found a few helpful tips on writing a class but then that conflicts with the Tween class. What my main goal is: Tweens run... End of all Tweens (onComplete) tell the ti
  5. Hello! I am building several tweened animations in Flash and then playing them in Adobe Director 11.5. The code I have in Director waits for the timeline to stop playing (playing = false) then advances to the next externally linked SWF. All of the code I find for the TimelineMax and TweenMax is on one frame, and if I add more frames the tweens restart and act erratically. Is it possible to have the flash timeline longer so Director thinks it's still playing and then jump to a frame label that says stop(); when the Tween is finished? Here is what I have so far: import com.green