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  1. I played around with your fiddle and managed to behave like i want my scroll tween to behave. Maybe it's because of superscrollorama but the t1RevComplete Callback won't start at the origin start value. However i made an Callback that invalidates the tween when the left position is equal or bigger than zero. It's not perfect but gets close to what i want to. Thank you very much rhernando!
  2. I tried both methods but when the tween is updated the start position is was changed, so reverse scrolling goes way too far. The API Doc states "Beware that if start values are adjusted, reversing the tween will not make it travel back to the original starting value." for the setDestination() method but not for updateTo. However resetDuration is set false for me: tweening property's starting value will be adjusted so that it appears to seamlessly redirect to the new destination value. Is there anyway to stop the tween from resetting while just changeing the end value?
  3. onreverseComplete and / or onUpdate are great Ideas, i will try it! Thank you for the examples. The Element that changes the size is on the yellow bar. "Breite ändern" (Red hover).
  4. Sorry, i couldn't manage to break this section down for jsfiddle, the Main-Code is here (the Blog Section): http://apprime.info/wip/ (So you can see what i really trying to do - very WIP with lots of outcommented lines) I know that superscrollorama is pretty experimental, and i also haven't seen a site with horizontal scrolling so far. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the scrolling, clicking the button when beeing at the start of the animation works well, but scrolling to mid or so, breaks everything.
  5. Thanks for your reply, i will provide a jsfiddle so you can see a live example.
  6. Hi, i am trying to animate an object from its current position to the left so that its scrolling out of the screen. This works so far, the problem is the object dynamically changes its width if you click on an object within it. If i update the tween to animate to the new width value and scroll back to the start the object moves wawy to far. When resetDuration is set to true i can't scroll back to the start, the left value stays at the value from the moment the updateTo gets called. I really hope someone can help me, i'm pretty new to animating with Greensock. var objectwidth = $("#object").width(); var objecttween = TweenMax.to($("#object"), 1.5, {css:{left:-objectwidth}}); $(".widthswitch").click(function () { var newwidth = $(this).width() + objectwidth; $("#object").width(newwidth); objecttween.updateTo({css:{left:-newwidth}}, false); return false; }); Edit: updated blogtween to objecttween, as it should be in the first place