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  1. I would like to make the menu with the smooth magnification effect like the dock in macOS.


    I took this example as a basis 

    See the Pen BZNGyd by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen

     but the animation does not work smoothly and only starts when you move to the next or previous element.


    Is it possible to make the animation work smoothly and work at the slightest mouse movement? As in this example 

    See the Pen bNZrEN by icebob (@icebob) on CodePen


    Any help with this question would be great.


    See the Pen zmybJa by berikiushi (@berikiushi) on CodePen

  2. please tell me how start playing TimeLine from another TimeLine, for example:


    var tl1 = new TimelineMax({paused:true});
    tl1.append( TweenMax.to($('.bg'), 2.2, {css:{autoAlpha:1, scale:1}, ease:Power2.easeOut}) );
    // here need start playing tl2
    tl1.append( TweenMax.to($('.logo'), 1, {css:{right:"+=89", autoAlpha:1}}) );
    var tl2 = new TimelineMax({paused:true});
    tl1.append( TweenMax.to($('.frame'), 1.5, {css:{left:+=100}, ease:Power2.easeIn}) );
    tl1.append( TweenMax.to($('.bullet'), 1, {css:{top:"+=120", autoAlpha:1}}) );