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  1. Thanks I just gave it a swirl, and it works like a charm. Now I finally made the crop items behave, so that it constrain proportions when resized, and don't constrain when cropping Thanks
  2. Thanks for the answer I think i might just have figured out how to do most of the stuff I was planing. But I do have one question, relating to this.. I'm trying to do a object that has constrainScale=true, but when in cropMode, it'll change to constrainScale=false. I figures that I have to set up a eventListener, to listen for the "enterCropMode" and "exitCropMode"-events, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to work! Could you write me a simple example of how to listen for the event? var myItem:Crop=new Crop(myFoto, TransformManager) myItem.addEventListener(???, cropOn) function cropOn(???):void{ trace("Crop is on!") } ... I might be getting it all wrong - lol
  3. I made a workaround for the constrainScale-issue, where I toggle the boolean in the transformManager itself, based on what item is selected, and if it's allowed to scale disproportionately or not ... this works, but I guess I have to fiddle with the Crop.as source, if I want it as a property on the crop-item itself, right?
  4. Once again .. thanks for an awesome code, that really helps me out on a day to day basis Right now, I'm working on a project using the crop-functions, and I have a few questions, that I can't seem to find any answers to on the forums, or on Google. First off, when I add a item that use the crop-function, is it somehow possible to have the scaling default to constraining scale? I can't seem to call the constrainScale:Boolean -property, that I usually use in a transform item. - so I guess it's not there ... but if I hold down shift, I can see the functionality is there! Secondly, is there by chance a boolean to toggle the mouse-click that activates the cropping? Since I was planing to make cropping occur only when the user clicks on a button, while the item is selected, and not being able to activate it by double-clicking. Are there any way to do this without changes to the source? p.s. you guys rocks!
  5. Thanks for the help I just didn't want to screw around with the source, if there was a simple way to change it. Well .. I guess I'm not blind after all ... thanks. .. ill give the source a crack
  6. Sorry if my description was a little hard to understand. But yes ... I'm thinking about the distance from the lines, to trigger the drag-function, if the user holds down LMB. In the same way, as i can set the tolerance for rotation. _trans.paddingForRotation=64; Is there a way to set this in pixels for the lines?
  7. I'm working on a project, using the TransformManager, and I need to fiddle with the pixel tolerance, for triggering the drag-function on a line on the bounding rectangle. Is there a function for this, like the: paddingForRotation(value:Number):void ?? I have been over the docs a few times, and can't seem to find a call to do this.