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  1. For those of you using canvas/Animate CC for banners, have you run into any issues with ad servers/publishers? For example, do all ad servers/publishers exclude the EaselJS library from file-size count?

    The info under the "Retina ready" heading is interesting, but it seems that using 2X images for all assets could be problematic in terms of hitting the standard 200k file size limit? For my standard DOM div banners, I've been using regular size images for most imagery- the blurring is not very noticeable when most images scale on hi-res displays. Blurring is much more noticeable on text, so I use SVG for text whenever possible, though file size can be prohibitively high on SVG text. (And of course SVG is not available in canvas, though you could potentially use EaselJS’ DOMElement Class to add an SVG on top of the canvas).

    Does anyone have thoughts on pros/cons of using Animate CC versus hand coding banners using the DOM? I'm wondering if Adobe is positioning AnimateCC for banners for users who maybe don't want to hand code animations as much? On one hand the AnimateCC seems to simplify the workflow, by offering easy positioning of objects using the WYSIWYG interface, but on the other hand it seems to introduce additional complexities: 1) you have to open a hefty program to edit, 2) anyone else who works on it needs to be familiar with the particular Animate CC setup (how the FLA relates to the output HTML/JS), 3) when handing off source files to clients or 3rd party devs, they may not have AnimateCC installed in case they need to modify the ads, etc.

    I’m definitely not trying to bash using AnimateCC for banners, just curious about others’ experiences!